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C-Star LED Light 5 Years Warranty Terms:

This is 5 years warranty terms promised and provied for LED light product.
This term is based on the entire luminaire.
This warranty term starts since the date of purchase. And the date on the commerical invoice is taken as final;
This Guarantee is limited to common use: any damage caused by man-made (such as the user dismantles products, inappropriate use, inputs improper power and doesn't use the products according to the instruction, etc), the damage caused during the transportation or caused by any other suddenness, natural disaster, or maintains and refits the products not approved by us. This warranty term will not cover all above conditions of inappropriate use;
During the warranty term period, if the luminaire has failed,C-Star is responsible to offer new replacement regarding to demaged condition.
If the damage is caused by below factors, C-Star has the right to charge maintenance cost:
1) The luminaire is out of validity date of guarantee.
2) The damage due to force majeure (such as flood, fire, earthquake, lightning strike, typhoon, etc) or using the products inappropriately.

3) The structure or circuitry of the luminaire amended by the users or third party.

Problem Solutions:

Handle customer complaints and Suggestions
1. 24 hours hotline service.
2. If product quality problems, within 48 hours to respond.
3. During warranty period, damage caused by product    quality problems, is responsible for the maintenance of    replacement etc.