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The necessity of LED street lamp renovation
5/1/2020 8:04:15 AM

Now, more and more local governments choose to replace the original traditional lamps with LED module lamps. What are the advantages and characteristics of the modified module lamps? What makes so many governments choose to replace traditional streetlights at a high cost?


There are inherent advantages of LED application in street lamps, which are as follows:


1. As a point light source, if the design of LED is reasonable, it can directly solve the problems of secondary light extraction and light loss that traditional spherical light source must rely on light emission;


2. The uniformity of the light irradiation surface can be controlled, and it can be completely uniform in the target area in theory, which can also avoid the light waste in the phenomenon of "under the light" of traditional light source;


3. Optional color temperature, which is also an important way to improve efficiency and reduce cost in different applications;


4. Optical rationality of LED street lighting;


5. Energy saving index calculation (12 hours per day) :

Annual energy saving =365*12* (0.5-0.16) =1489.2

Saving electricity fee =1489.2*0.8=1191.36 yuan per year


After the renovation of LED street lamps, each lamp saves 1,191.36 yuan of electricity each year. If LED streetlights were used throughout the road, it would save the country a lot of electricity every year and a lot of money in terms of economic efficiency.


LED streetlights have so many advantages, and the important thing is that they can save so much money on electricity. C-star LED street lights, high efficiency, high quality, long warranty, is your best choice!