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How to choose high quality factory lighting fixtures
5/1/2020 8:18:56 AM

As we all know, the daily electricity consumption of a large factory is very alarming, so it is very important to do a good job in lighting energy-saving renovation of the factory to respond to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, so in the choice of a high-quality factory lighting LED lamp, what should be paid attention to? A factory lighting retrofitting LED lamp with stable and reliable quality determines its life mainly depends on the following components:

The aluminum shell of the light, thin aluminum material is lighter, but the heat is not good, this is the current market many do less than wattage LED lights, virtual standard wattage. For example, a 30W LED projection light, in fact, only 15W power, the price cost is much lower.

Secondly is the quality of the lamp bead, the industry knows, the United States lamp bead, Japanese lamp bead, Taiwan lamp bead, domestic lamp bead, etc., as a result of technical standard is different, the light declination stability degree is different, exist the difference of different price, this also is consumer not clear. In addition, the market appears a lot of low wattage lamp beads, the price is much lower.

Finally, the quality of LED driver. Full wattage, constant current source of power, different IC capacitor, the price is not the same, resulting in LED driver is not the same price. In particular, the current market has less than watts of LED driver, there are some resistance and capacity step-down power supply, the price is cheap, the whole made into finished lights, the price dropped a lot. Become a lot of ignorant consumer favor, a lot of used unsatisfactory, easy to bad, regret.

C-star LED industrial and mining lamp adopts the original imported lamp bead, the listed company's power supply, light effect "150LM/W", the whole lamp 5 years warranty, is your most ideal choice!