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LED Streetlights will no longer be LED streetlights
5/1/2020 7:10:25 AM


With the development of science, the street lamp should not only meet the requirements of lighting, but also develop towards the direction of intelligence and beauty. The street lamp is no longer just a street lamp, but a work of art that lights up the city. This work of art is not only energy-saving, smart and beautiful, such as the LED smart street lamp produced by c-star.

The first energy, because the street light is led lamp bead, known as the led power consumption is very low, compared with the traditional street lamp power saving can be achieved in half, and because is intelligent, smart intelligent switch, lighting, led lights will according to it to decide whether to turn on the light, reach requirement is automatically open in the sky, to avoid the street lamps now is in the scheduled time, wasteful when it is not very dark, and intelligent control brightness according to the brightness of the sky to decide how to open.

Second intelligence, street light will no longer be the street lamp, will be together and traffic department, replace the road monitoring, constantly testing vehicles driving information, observe whether the violations and vehicle information in perfect condition, to see whether any safety problem, the other is to hospital and fire departments together, where the accident on the way to test, so can make fire and hospitals and other related department for the first time processing, reduce the loss.

The third point of beauty, which is particularly important, is that the street lamp will become the art of decorating the city, and the street lamp will be designed by professional designers. The street lamp will be perfectly integrated with the city, and the street lamp will not look so abrupt, and can become the decoration of the city.


of course, is to satisfy the first two points behind, will appear, now led street lamp still exist many problems, such as some of the lamps in the company, there is heat dissipation, waterproof, anti-freezing light problems, so the two points behind in a short period of time or cannot achieve, hope the led street lamp manufacturers to do research and development, and realize two steps behind the morning.