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Solar street lamp install in different place will have different effect
5/1/2020 8:31:58 AM

How the use scene of solar street lamp directly affects the use effect and service time of solar street lamp, so when consumers buy solar street lamp, they should choose solar street lamp with large battery capacity according to the lighting conditions of the use scene.

The intensity of the sun's ultraviolet (uv) rays in the area where the solar street lamp is used (that is, how the local sunlight is normally described). Uv intensity mainly affects how much solar cells absorb, which is directly related to how much solar panels generate each day. For example, there is a big difference in solar uv intensity between yunnan and heilongjiang.

There are several hours of sunshine every day. That's the amount of light each day, which is directly related to how long the solar panel can charge the battery each day. The national average is 3.5 hours. In yunnan, for example, the sun lasts much longer than in heilongjiang.

The average rainy day in the area is several days. In order to design the solar lamp several days continuous rainy weather can still be used normally. That is to say, in the calculation of solar lamp configuration, to consider the local rainy weather, to ensure that solar lamp rainy weather can still be used normally. For example, the cloudy and rainy weather in jiangsu shuyang is 5 days, so it is necessary to ensure that the solar street lamps can still be illuminated normally in the rainy and cloudy weather for 5 days.

The local perennial temperature. This mainly affects the discharge of solar street energy storage battery and service life. The colder the weather of the discharge of the battery is less, such as the northeast area of the battery will be equipped with some larger, so as to ensure the service life of solar street lights. Normal north winter battery discharge can only reach the summer of 70%, if the battery long-term loss of electricity use, life will be shortened a lot. The poles of solar street lamps are designed to be several meters long. The higher the solar lamp pole is, the farther the light source is from the ground, so the higher the requirement for the brightness of the light source is, the higher the brightness will consume more electricity, so the overall configuration of the street lamp will be increased.

Daily lighting time, that is, lighting every night for a few hours. The longer the lighting lasts and the more power is used, the bigger the configuration of solar panels and batteries. For example, lighting for 8 hours a day is higher than lighting for 6 hours a day.

In the surrounding environment of the solar street lamp installation site, if there are more trees and the house is higher, and the solar panels will be blocked for a period of time every day, then the configuration will be enlarged.

According to local conditions, different lighting methods are used in different scenes. In those places where light is scarce, it is suggested to make LED street lights in the city, so as to avoid the embarrassment caused by insufficient light time and the street lights cannot be used normally.

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