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How to choose led indoor lighting for hospital reconstruction
5/1/2020 7:41:20 AM

Nowadays, whether in public places or in hospitals, LED panel lights are used as lighting fixtures. It is a simple and generous lighting fixture suitable for indoor lighting in hospitals. Because whole lamps and lanterns is very beautiful concise, atmosphere is luxurious, have very good illume effect. In order to ensure the effect of LED panel lights used in hospital interior lighting, the corresponding method should be mastered when selecting the point light source of LED panel lights.

The first, brightness, brightness LED, different prices, there is a gap in the hospital and indoor lighting of LED panel LED Ⅰ class standards should comply with the laser level.

Second, leakage current: because LED is a one-way conductive luminous body, if there is a reverse current is leakage. LED with large leakage current has a shorter life and a lower price.

Third, anti-static: because anti-static longer LED, the service life will be longer, but its price will naturally be higher. In general, the capacity of the LED should be guaranteed to be greater than 700V antistatic.

Fourth, the light Angle: the use of different occasions of LED light Angle is also different, if it is a special light Angle value will be higher, such as all diffuse Angle.

Fifth, the chip: because the chip is LED panel light luminaires, the chip of different lamps, the price difference is relatively large.

Sixth, colloids: if colloids have anti - ultraviolet and fire agent is more expensive, as some high quality hospital indoor lighting LED lamps.

The illume lamps that USES in hospital this kind of public place must quality is qualified, otherwise it is irresponsible to broad masses of people, c-star grille panel lamp can satisfy above demand, such quality and after sale ability have safeguard!