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Advantages of LED street lamp retrofitting
5/1/2020 7:17:08 AM

With the development of LED technology and the vigorous implementation of national energy conservation and emission reduction, more and more places have chosen to transform traditional street lamps into LED street lamps, which has become a trend. What are the advantages of LED street lamps? Make everybody so "favour".

At present, street lights are basically DC12v led street light source, because the led street light source has low voltage power supply, low insulation requirements, simple structure without the need for transformer, ballast and other accessories; Solid light source, no gas seal problem, shock resistance, vibration, not easy to break; Semiconductor chip luminescence, belongs to the cold light source, good controllability, quick start without delay, fast response time, can repeatedly frequently light out without affecting the life; Ultra-low energy consumption, ultra-long life, no pollution (do not use mercury, sodium and other heavy metals), high environmental benefits, small size, beautiful and generous; With a large development space, LED light source with the development of technology, its performance and service life will have a greater development, the cost will be greatly reduced, will completely dominate the fifth generation lighting source market.

In fact, the most important thing of LED street lamps is energy conservation and environmental protection, and the service life is long. LED street lamp retrofit can also choose the contract energy mode, which not only greatly reduces the cost of retrofit, but also places most of the responsibility on the retrofit vendors, so as to reduce the threshold and risk of retrofit.