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Tips for choosing lamps for home
5/1/2020 4:51:26 AM

At the peak of home improvement, friends may encounter some light selection problems in home lighting. C-Star has compiled some common sense about buying LED lights for home improvement.

One is to look at the color temperature

The color temperature is divided into warm and cold colors, and the color temperature of LED lights is also divided into these two types. If you are choosing LED lights for bedrooms and living areas, then it is recommended that you choose warm-colored LED lights. The lighting of this hue is similar to the skin color, making people feel very warm and comfortable. The cool-color LED lights are best used in kitchens and basements, because these places need bright light, so that we can find things or work. In addition, the bathroom is very interesting. You can choose the color of the LED lights according to your personality and furniture decoration. Warm colors will make you more relaxed in the bathroom, and cool colors will give you a "efficiency". How to choose depends on you Like it.

Second, look at the color rendering index

CRI, the English abbreviation of color rendering index. Does it look very tall? Actually very simple, it is used to display the color of the light source. Knowing the color of the LED lights, you can make an accurate purchase and make your LED lights the most harmonious part of your home.

The third is to look at lumens

This data should be the data that everyone is most familiar with, indicating how bright this light bulb is. So is the higher the lumen, the greater the power consumption? Not so, so this requires you to carefully look at the ratio of the lumen value to the power consumption value when choosing the LED bulb, so that you can choose the high brightness but the power Low-cost products. If you accidentally encounter such a good product, you buy it!