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Solar street lights bring great convenience to human life
5/1/2020 9:14:55 AM

1, in order to better the construction of the city, the city street lamps are generally change for solar street lights, solar street light price is reasonable, used the traditional kind of street lamp installation procedure is complicated, to lay circuit, etc., and the cost of electricity is higher, and to use the wattage larger street lamp holder, not only is dimly lit, more conducive to the light of the city.


2. The price of solar street lamp is relatively low, energy saving and environmental protection, and the installation procedures are simpler than the traditional ones. At the same time, it is not necessary to lay very complicated circuits.


Now the saving of resources has become the concern of the whole world, so the invention of solar energy has brought great convenience to human life, and our solar radiation is relatively high, because solar energy is very abundant. The price of solar street lamp is not level, the price is about 200 yuan to 1000 yuan, compared with the traditional street lamp, the price is much cheaper. Street lamp price is not unified in addition to its different material, it is to choose different brands. For consumers, brand is also a guarantee of quality.


Most solar streetlights can last eight to nine hours on a full charge, so the quality of solar streetlights can be chosen according to this. In the choice of street lighting to consider the installation of road sections, different sections, the environment is not the same, so the specification is not the same. For example, the width of rural roads is less than 10 meters, most of which are between four and six meters, so the wattage selected by the lamp should be able to reflect the road surface of this width.


4. Solar street lamp working principle: during the day, under the control of the intelligent controller, the solar panel will absorb solar light and convert it into electricity after the sunlight. During the day, the solar battery module will charge the lithium battery, and the lithium battery will provide power to the LED light source at night, so as to realize the lighting function. Dc controller can ensure that the lithium battery will not be damaged due to overcharge or overdischarge, and has PIR body induction, light control, time control, temperature compensation and lightning protection, reverse polarity protection and other functions.