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How solar street lamps work
5/1/2020 9:39:21 AM


1, the working principle of the solar street light is the solar energy into electrical energy to realize lighting, street lamp is at the top of the solar panels and photovoltaic components, during the day these made of polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic modules convert solar energy into electrical energy stored in a battery, made under the control of the intelligent controller of solar energy street lamp, solar panels after the illuminate of sunshine, absorb the solar energy light into electrical energy, solar battery components to the battery charge during the day. In the evening, the electric energy is transmitted to the light source through the control of the controller, which provides people with light at night. At night, the battery provides power to the LED light source to realize the lighting function.

2. Solar street lights are generated by solar energy, so there is no cable, and no electricity leakage and other accidents will happen. Dc controller can ensure that the battery is not damaged due to overcharge or overdischarge, and has the functions of light control, time control, temperature compensation and lightning protection, reverse polarity protection. No cable, no ac power, no electricity


3. A series of advantages such as low carbon, environmental protection, safety and reliability of solar street lamps have been recognized by the majority of customers, and thus have been promoted vigorously. Therefore, it can be widely used in urban main, secondary roads, communities, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots and other places.

Advantages of solar street lights:


1. Extensive energy


Solar street lights use solar photovoltaic cells to provide electricity. Solar energy, as a green and environmentally friendly new energy, is "inexhaustible". Making full use of solar energy resources has positive significance to relieve the shortage of conventional energy.

2. Easy installation

The installation of solar street lights is simple and convenient. There is no need to lay cables and other large amount of foundation works like ordinary street lights. Only a base is needed to be fixed.


3. Low maintenance cost


The solar power used by solar street lights costs almost nothing to run, except for a small percentage of the electricity cost when converted to mains electricity in rainy days. The whole system operation is automatic control, no human intervention, almost no maintenance costs.

Finally, the service life of solar street lights also depends on the necessary maintenance at ordinary times, in the early stage of installation, to do in strict accordance with the construction standards, in the configuration of reasonable collocation, increase the capacity of the battery, thus extending the life of solar street lights.