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Comparison of the characteristics of solar street lights and electric power lights
5/1/2020 5:56:59 AM

In the past, the gap between the rural lighting facilities and the city was far away. On the one hand, due to the imperfect rural power grid facilities, the village transformers could not bear the high power load. Many families still used kerosene lamps in that era. Under the circumstances, power consumption in rural areas is still not stable, and power outages are common. Secondly, the construction of street lamps requires long-distance laying of lines, which was unrealistic for rural areas at that time.

Taking the above-mentioned rural lighting situation as an example, even remote roads will have corresponding street lights every few tens of meters at night. Some of these street lights use city lighting, and some use photovoltaic lighting. With them , Illuminating the night, it is very convenient for people to travel at night.
These two types of street lights are used more in rural areas. Which type is more suitable in comparison?

1. From the installation point of view. Mains lighting street lamps need to be laid with very long cables, which is complicated to install, while photovoltaic generating lamps are easy to install, without laying long cables. Each photovoltaic street lamp is an independent power generation system, and only needs to be a cement base. The screws can be fixed.

Second, from a cost perspective. The initial investment of the city lighting street lamp is provided by the photovoltaic system of the street lamp. It is a one-time investment without any maintenance cost. The investment cost can be recovered in three years.

3. From a maintenance perspective. Photovoltaic street lamps are driven by LED light sources with low power consumption, but they consume a fixed amount of electricity every day. The cumulative electricity bills are not a small amount. The initial installation costs of photovoltaic circuit lights are high. However, once the installation is completed, the electricity bills will no longer be generated. , Solar panel, battery, battery insulation box, solar street light controller and other parts, of which the battery is the most prone to problems, it needs to be maintained and replaced every 1-2 years, output maintenance costs, and for city circuit lights Due to the laying of very long cables, regular maintenance of lines and other configurations is also required, and maintenance costs are also an overhead.

4. From the perspective of the safety of street lamps. The street lighting of city power lighting is complicated, the cables are laid underground, the materials are easy to age, and there may be some hidden safety hazards such as conflicts with the laying of hydropower pipes. However, photovoltaic street lights are relatively good in this regard. reliable.

In short, which kind of street lamp is easy to use still needs to be combined with the environment of the installation site, for example, the lighting condition of the installation site is very poor, or it is raining for a certain period of time every year, then it is definitely not possible to install solar street lights , But you can choose the kind of street light that combines solar and electric power supply!