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What are the advantages of choosing special LED panel lights for school lighting
5/1/2020 4:50:02 AM

Many school lights use lamps. In fact, LED panel lights can be used for classroom lighting. It can protect eyes and prevent glare more effectively than lamps. What are the advantages of classroom LED panel lights? Check it out!

Classroom lighting:
1. The LED panel light adopts LCD backlight technology and unique heat dissipation design to ensure high LED efficiency. X514 lighting can be maintained, long life, and replacement frequency is reduced.
2. There is no ultraviolet and infrared rays, which is harmless to the protected substances, can protect the eyes of the child, and reduce the harm to the child's body.
3. The surface of the LED panel light is bright, radiant, anti-glare, anti-glare, reduce eye fatigue and avoid myopia.
4. 100 to 240VAC input voltage, high power efficiency. The start time is short and there is no flashing.
5. Easy to install, environmental protection, safe and pollution-free.

6. The performance of LED panel lights is stable, low maintenance, multi-function, easy to install and save space.

At present, there are still some issues to consider when using LED panel lights, but the glare and uniform lighting of LED panel lights have many advantages, but it still takes a long time to replace the grill lamp.

1. Lighting effect: Due to the use of a backlight, the light extraction efficiency is low, and the light output efficiency of the ordinary light guide plate is 50-60%, which meets the brightness requirements, high power, high power, and no energy saving.
2. Price: You need to increase the brightness, so the number of LEDs, the heat cannot be too small, and the high price of the light guide itself, so there is no big advantage in price.

3. Weight: This is why the price of raw materials is uncertain.

Therefore, LED lighting manufacturers need to spend some time using LED panel lights in large quantities, but believe that due to uniformity and aesthetics, they will become mainstream in the future.

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