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What should be paid attention to when choosing lighting for shopping malls
5/1/2020 4:48:36 AM

Modern shopping malls are not only used for shopping, but also for entertainment and leisure. It is very important to create an entertainment and leisure atmosphere in such a place. Therefore, the setting of lighting is very important, which directly affects the customer's experience, so what should we pay attention to when shopping for lighting fixtures in shopping malls? Let's take a look with C-STAR now!

The most important thing for lighting in shopping malls is based on the characteristics of commodities and the consumer behavior of customers. Each product will have a different light to set off, according to the characteristics of the product with light effects to allow consumers to produce a visually comfortable effect, thereby stimulating their impulse to consume. Reasonable brightness, color, color temperature and brightness distribution can make customers feel comfortable. A comfortable consumption environment will often make consumers put down their precautions. Stimulate their impulse to consume.

Shopping mall lighting needs different lights to produce different effects. Red represents festive, active, sunrise, and enthusiasm. It makes people happy. Yellow represents the harvest and wealth, it makes people happy. Blue gives people a sense of quietness, coolness, and comfort, and makes people open-minded.

A Russian scholar's research shows that red makes people mentally active, purple makes people feel depressed, rose colors make people depressed or depressed, and blue can make people calm and suppress people's overly excited emotion , Green can ease people's mental activities.

Different shops in different shopping malls need different lighting patterns, and clothes shops need a strong light to make the clothes look gorgeous. Coffee shops in shopping malls need to use more natural light. It is better to create a dim feeling and make customers feel more lazy.

Advantages of supermarket lamps produced by C-STAR:
1. High brightness: Improve customers' desire to buy, people will act fast and excited under high illuminance, supermarkets can maintain a high passenger flow
2. High color temperature: Create a warm, comfortable and spacious shopping environment. People with high color temperature can act swiftly and can increase passenger flow
3. High color rendering: Ra> 85, to ensure that customers can find their favorite products accurately and quickly,

4. Efficient: save electricity costs and reduce operating costs.

The above is a detailed explanation of what LED lighting manufacturers need to pay attention to when choosing lighting fixtures in shopping malls. I hope to help you. If you still do n’t know, please call the hotline: + 86-755-28372909 for detailed consultation!