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The low price of LED lights is not very good thing
5/1/2020 5:15:32 AM

In Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, the LEDs produced by some LED manufacturers cannot be said to be low-priced, but should be said to be cheap, so cheap that many large LED manufacturers are unmatched, and the prices are a fraction of the prices of large LED manufacturers. It is very tempting for many consumers, so that consumers give up buying brand-name products and choose these cheap led lamps. Today, C-STAR will come to share with you that cheap led is not worth buying!

       The quality of led lamps is reflected in many aspects, such as light parameters, light distribution and glare index control depends on the production materials and consumption price requirements of many led lamp manufacturers. The light efficiency index has special requirements for led lamps. Many led lamp manufacturers There is a high contradiction between the design and the light distribution design, such as the different glare caused by the 120-degree and 150-degree light angles. In addition, in terms of materials, it also has an influence on the LED lamp for lighting. Different materials such as corrosion, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, metamorphic pollution are very important.

On the phosphor, that is, the LED wick, there is white light after the blue light of the LED is mixed with the yellow phosphor, the spectrum lacks red light, whether the blue light is harmful to the human body due to the rich blue, and the color temperature deviation caused by the process and material quality , Partial red, partial green also need to serve under led application technology. Because led lights are included in the strategic industry by the state, competition is fierce. Everyone keeps up, fights concept stations, and fights price wars after maturity. The winners are led lamp manufacturers that have received government subsidies and listings. No one knows the entry strategy. The effects of emerging LED applications have entered in a pile, making cheap and inferior products to consumers who do not understand the lamp without earning money and purchasing power, resulting in a series of integrity problems.

        Therefore, the most important thing for business management is to do good faith, assume corresponding social responsibilities, do not make products of conscience, do not cheat consumers, and do not endanger the market environment. Only by doing these can we have a large number of consumers in the market. Only consumers can have a market, only a market can have profits, and finally survive! C-STAR is an honest company with the courage to take social responsibility, you can choose with confidence!