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Convenient energy-saving transformation -- contract energy
5/1/2020 6:52:22 AM

With the emergence of energy conservation and emission reduction and the concept of green lighting, a new model of energy-saving lighting of contract energy management appeared in the market soon. This model can reduce costs and risks, improve energy utilization efficiency, create mutual benefit and win-win situation, and turn the green value of environmental protection, ecology and other industries into practical benefits.

Since the mid - 1970 - s, a new mechanism based on the market, new energy, "the contract energy management" in the market economy gradually developed, and based on the energy saving mechanism in the operation of the specialization of "energy saving service companies" development rapidly, especially in the United States, Canada, contract energy management has developed into a new energy industry.

Since the world bank first introduced the concept of contract energy management into China in 1996, the industry has made a qualitative leap in terms of the scale of the industry, the number of employees, the social investment it attracts and the energy saving and emission reduction it contributes to the society, and the market is booming. After the development during the "11th five-year plan" and "12th five-year plan", the energy saving service company has not only greatly improved in quantity, but also improved in service quality, service ability, business development ability, financing ability, risk control ability and ability to leverage the capital market. According to the introduction, after a period of mergers and reorganizations, the market appeared a number of large, professional, comprehensive energy-saving service companies, some companies even successfully achieved listing. The CBRC has also issued green financing guidelines, and more and more Banks, guarantee companies and financial institutions have begun to pay attention to and invest in this industry. A large number of customized contract energy management products such as leasing and guarantee have emerged, which has greatly changed the previous situation of small size, little capital and weak financing capacity of energy-saving service companies.


From the point of view of our lighting industry, this mode makes lighting energy-saving transformation more convenient and easier to achieve, and greatly reduces the cost and burden of unit transformation. I believe that this mode will be better developed in the future.