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Professional technology creates professional products
5/1/2020 6:42:17 AM

Sometimes everything may be nothing, some things, some industries need to be precise, accurate, specialized, do these three points to make professional, high-quality products, to get more accurate customers, rather than looking for a needle in a haystack in the huge market to find our customers.

"Quality is the lifeblood of an enterprise. Products without quality will be eliminated from the market." It is reported, current based on semiconductor lighting industry association of zhongshan city, guangdong province, semiconductor lighting industry international technology cooperation base and high and new technology application of new light source base in guangdong province, the joint universities and research institutes of technology, integration of industry resources, to enhance the research and development of LED lighting products production capacity, promote the industrialization of research projects and achievements of new light source, to speed up the industry's technological progress. For example, do lighting energy-saving transformation products to do a good job of energy-saving lighting, and can not put most of the energy in other places!

"There is no technical content there is no product quality to speak of, zhongshan why some enterprises finally closed down and run, 'quality problem' is undoubtedly the key." Chen Shaofan said, now the industry is one of the most obvious problem "most of the lamps and lanterns product cost transparency is an open secret", lamp beads, aluminum, packaging materials and other accessories price is too transparent, this result in changzhou and concentrated part of linyi and other lighting products sales market merchants purchasing parts assembled product directly, so, it would be very difficult for us to guarantee product quality. It is hoped that industry associations and relevant departments and institutions will work together to set stricter standards for the industry, so as to regulate the industry for better and faster development. In the increasingly fierce competition in the lighting industry, after the industry to speed up the shuffle, the final "win" down the enterprise must have experienced the severe test of the market and have an absolute advantage in a certain aspect.

Professional technology to create professional products, only to master professional technology to ensure the quality of products, like this anyone can do led lamps, is doomed to do not produce quality products, not only waste cost, but also lose the market reputation, and eventually to death! So the precision of the industry is very important, enterprises in this aspect to do a good job in control.