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Those things in the LED lighting industry!
5/1/2020 6:36:49 AM

The competition in LED industry is becoming more and more fierce. On the one hand, due to the entry of many other industries, on the other hand, due to the product competition between LED and the industry, there is also the competition between the traditional lighting manufacturers and the emerging LED manufacturer bracket. Here are the things C-STAR shares for you!


The relatively conservative enterprises in LED light are gradually involved in e-commerce and fund raising. Through acquisition and merger, they strengthen engineering capacity, establish R & D center, strengthen the technology and channel advantages in the downstream industry of LED light, strengthen the industrial chain integration in the upper and lower middle reaches of LED light, focus on hardware stores and convenience stores, and strengthen their own market with "low price" LED light. At present, LED lamps are developing rapidly, and M & A will be the norm in the future. M & A can increase the complementarity of the company's business and the promotion of product research and development. Due to the contradictory energy-saving lamp products of traditional enterprises, the transformation can only be realized through the integration and acquisition of some LED street lamp manufacturers with comparative advantages, prospects but lack of funds, so as to achieve a faster and more advantageous transformation.


With the transformation of global white ban and traditional lighting enterprises, LED lamp business will have more advantages in the future general market. LED lamp technology is increasingly mature. The advantages and benefits of LED lamp lighting show that there is a huge space and prospect in the future. LED lamp lighting has become a terminal channel for general civil market and market sales mainly based on engineering channel lighting. The emerging LED light enterprises do not have the burden of traditional lighting, the market layout is very fast, from the upstream chip, packaging, downstream product applications quickly lay the network. Moreover, more and more enterprises, factories and schools still using traditional lamps are facing the need of energy-saving transformation of lighting, which requires the experience and technology of various manufacturers.


In the LED lighting market, the competition will be more fierce. Traditional lighting enterprises and new LED lamp manufacturers are competing. New LED lamp manufacturers can stand firm through a new customer, but further expanding the market requires the accumulation of scale, brand, channel and capital. Facing the R & D resources, it needs to increase the training of R & D, and efforts should be made to increase the market share of LED lamps, improve the sales volume of LED lamps and Proportion of income, promote the use of domestic household channel products, and cultivate channel and brand advantages.


After all, behind all the competition is the competition of technology and innovation. Those enterprises without core technology and innovation are doomed to be eliminated. Now energy-saving lighting has become a hot word in the society, so led enterprises must do a good job in energy-saving research and development to meet the market!