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Energy-saving lighting-the direction of lighting development
5/1/2020 5:28:08 AM

The application of LEDs is becoming more and more extensive. From the emergence of the initial LED screen to the application of various LED lamps today, it can be said that humans have made the application of LEDs perfect. It is estimated that there will be more and more LED applications in the future. People will get better and better at energy-saving lighting transformation.

      In the future, the application of LED lamps in outdoor scene lighting will become more and more extensive, so a reasonable design, beautiful, energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED high pole lamp can meet the needs of the market and the needs of LED companies. At present, 100% of LED products cover the field of home lighting applications, regardless of the living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, etc., all scene applications, and all kinds of lights can be covered by LED lighting. LED home lighting can meet the needs of various fields of application, cold color temperature, warm color temperature, dimming, color adjustment, etc., any application area can be satisfied by solid-state lighting technology, users can understand LED lighting products in a relatively short time And familiar with its application. China has become a resource base for lighting brand factories around the world to seek OEM. However, the quality of the Chinese market is very different, and the price difference is very large. How to have an in-depth understanding of each major device, and understand its technology, and then use a common language and solution providers to discuss specifications, it is possible to effectively reduce costs and maintain product quality.

      Major LED manufacturers should do enough work on lighting energy-saving transformation to meet market demand, so as to survive in this freely competitive market!